Facebook Messenger is a fast-growing messaging app which has some interesting features that make it completely different from other platforms. As they promised you can instantly connect with the people in your life so as the business in the world with the messenger bots.

What Are Messenger Bots?

According to Hubspot, Bot is a generalized term used to describe any software that automates a task.

In support, Flowxo added that it uses artificial intelligence to take over sales and customer service functions online using voice and text formats.

Bots are now integrated into Facebook Messenger so that business can address the frequently asked questions of the customers instantly.

This application works on the messenger of your Facebook page only, not applicable to your personal account or groups and community.

What are the Types of Messenger Bots

Jarie Bolander of DreamGrow classified bots into two basic types of bots. One is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the other one is the Automated Help (AH) but the ChatBotMagazine classified bots into 7 types based on how they provide value to users.

  • The Optimizer
  • The One-Trick Pony
  • The Proactive
  • The Social
  • The Shield
  • The Chatty
  • The Super Bot

But all of them are designed to understand the questions and find the right responses to make the conversation instantaneous, accessible and interactive as a “human” as possible.

Yes with the messenger bots, it makes the conversation interactive that you won’t feel like you are talking to a bot but to an actual customer service.

To improve the experience, call to action buttons are now being introduced into the platform.

The transactions are right at the messenger itself. No need to check email or the website. This makes shopping easy, accessible and interactive.

Do your Business Needs Messenger Bots? Should you use them?

In business point of view where customer service is very crucial, messenger bots are the answer to reach more people on Mobile.

We engage conversation with customers on the platform they are using. We hangout in the platforms they are hanging out.

Based on the statistics, your business really need to use Messenger bots.

  • 2 Billion Messages between people and businesses each month, includes both automated and people initiated.
  • 53% of people who message businesses say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message
  • 1000,000 monthly active bots on Messenger platform and counting.

Wondering how you can use this Facebook Messenger bot in your business? In this post, you can learn different ways you can use Messenger Bots for your business

And as a marketer and business owner, you’ll discover why your eyes should set in building messenger bots for your business or client’s business to scale more customers, generate more revenue and get ahead of the competitors through one of the biggest marketing channels – which is the Messenger.