When you start setting up your sales funnel, it is better to know what you need to set up or develop a profitable sales funnel.

There are elements of a sales funnel that you need to consider in order to have a successful, high-converting sales funnel that works to convert prospects into paying clients and customers on autopilot.

Here they are:


The clear goal of the funnel

What are you going to sell at the end of the funnel? It could be a physical product or an e-course, a one-one consulting or coaching.

What to Offer

What’s your incentive offer or freebie in an exchange with their email address?

Did you think of your tripwire? An entry level product or service that is usually under $20.

How about your core offer? It refers to your primary product or service.


Tools to Use

You need the right tools to develop the sales funnel and of course to automate the process.  When it comes to the best tool, so you can create a well-designed sales funnel, ClickFunnels is the top choice. Then there are tools that are perfect to pair with ClickFunnels you can monitor what’s going on with your prospects and buyers.

Summing Up…

Each of these elements of a sales funnel play an important part in ensuring the return on investment for your marketing.  With the right goal, the right product to offer in each stage and the best tools to use, you can grow and close more sales.

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