Every entrepreneur is well aware of the importance of customer support in online marketing, which is why there a lot of effort directed at fine-tuning it. There are toll-free 1-800 phone numbers for customer service & support, Emails, and Live Chat.


There are new innovations and trends that continually rolled out to enhance standards and improve the experience for customers, like the Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is one of the fastest growing channels today. It has 1. 3 billion users. To engage conversations with your customers, you need to hang out on the platforms where they hang out. Market on the new platform they love to use.

Bots are now integrated into Facebook Messenger making engagement with audience became a unique competitive advantage for every brand.

Here are the different ways you can use messenger bots and the reasons why you should focus on it starting today.

It can instantly answer commonly asked questions or inquiries.

According to Sprout Social’s Q2 2016 Index, customers expect a response within 0-4 hours.

However, brands typically take 10 hours to respond.

With Messenger bots, you can set up instant answer the commonly asked questions or inquiries to avoid the customers waiting for how many hours.

Moreover, Launch Bit’s CEO and Co-Founder Elizabeth Yin emphasized Speed was the company’s secret to winning over new clients so as retain old customers. Messenger is instantaneous – the customer journey can progress faster.

Entrepreneur cited that an effective messenger bot can give customers valuable information such as:

  • Hours of operation
  • The complete list of services and products
  • Service areas
  • Prices and stock availability
  • Group deals, discounts, and sponsors
  • Storytelling and branding
  • About and contact information

Messenger bots can gather valuable user information that can be used to provide a better understanding of who your customers are. Knowing your customers, you can provide value and build relationship and rapport with customers.

It can connect with audience personally through conversations.  Your target audience not only use Messenger to communicate their family, friends, and networks, they are using Messenger to reach out their favorite brands and influencers too. With the help of messenger bots, you can build meaningful and helpful conversations that help build relationships because they can be configured to know about to respond to specific inquiries.

Thus, it can build a strong bond with your audience. You can share different content with them from useful tips, guides, how-to-articles, and even weather reports and holiday reminders. Other companies share memes, jokes, and games to their Facebook Messenger audience.

Once you know your customers and build strong relations with them, you can recommend special offers easily.

The best way to push special offers and promotion is to recommend them based on your audience’ preference and interests. According to this data, 39% of users like or follow a Facebook page to receive a special offer. Based on Facebook Messenger’s website about 53% are more likely to shop with a business they can message while Kentico reported 35% will buy a product based on product recommendations made using prior search or purchase history.

It can generate sales and accept payments without leaving the Facebook ecosystem.  Facebook Messenger bot allows you to connect to Paypal, Stripe and other major payment systems. Payments can make directly to the chat without the need for customers to visit the websites or to take any additional steps to make the purchase.

One of the great examples is the Nikki Bot Shop.

With this bot you can pay your post-paid bill, utility bill payments like electricity, gas and water bill, you can pay for hotel booking, bus booking, and even movie ticket booking.

More two weeks after the Niki.ai started accepting payments via Messenger, this Indian startup has seen a 10x increase in conversions compared to mobile websites.


Customers, don’t like to wait. BI Intelligence reported that 60% of US consumers have not completed an intended purchase based on poor customer service experience which can translate to billions of dollars lost in sales for U.S. retailers alone. Hope the above reasons make you jump right now to start your own Facebook Messenger bots.

In business, you snooze, you lose!

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