Boost your profits and build your brand on Facebook by doing less and lower your labor costs.  Is it possible?

Yes, if you know how the Facebook Messenger bot works, and let it work to your advantage.

Once you have a Facebook page for your business and with the perfect combination of ads and social marketing strategy, getting leads isn’t a problem anymore.  However, you’ll discover that it is hard to handle the high magnitude of inquiries and questions your prospect leads will throw at you.

According to the statistics, 63% customers would prefer to contact a brand via an online chat. Additionally, 51% customers state a business needs to be available 24×7. Yes, you have staff working for you, but they don’t stay awake all night answering the queries either (unless you hire staff for day and night).

And to make things more complicated, people need an immediate response when it comes to customer service. If you fail, they will disappear in minutes and go straight to your competitors.

Money loves speed! You need someone (or something) that can handle the challenge: smart and instantly answer all the inquiries and won’t get tired being available 24/7. This, my friends, is how the Facebook bot works.

A Facebook bot is a software program in Messenger with pre-programmed interactions mimicking human conversation and even business conversation. It is powered by rules and artificial intelligence making the conversation on Messenger interactive and natural just like when you are chatting with your family and friends.

In this video, Facebook provides in-depth insight how the process and function are applied and mentioned Facebook bots are:

  • Instant
  • Interactive
  • Proactive
  • Personal

Imagine this… When you are calling the hotel to reserve a room, customer service will ask you when you want to stay in the hotel, for how many days, for how many people, and for how many rooms.  Then the customer service agent will ask you for any other requests and you reply with all the information you need, like you want a deluxe room for 2 for three night, you want to be pick up at the airport if they offer the service, add breakfast when they serve breakfast, so on and so forth.

The Facebook Messenger bot works effectively when you map the conversation script and structure just like human conversation does so that your customers won’t even realize they are taking to chatbots.

Facebook Messenger Bot Conversation

Photo from: Sebastian Kull  on Facebook Messenger Bot Sequence

Since Facebook bots are conversational bots, which means you need to adapt your communication style in a natural and interactive way.

From a simple text make it more interactive and personal just add the following:

  • Images
  • Voice Messages
  • GIFS
  • And Emojis


A simple chat interaction may look like this:

Simple Chat Conversation

Adding a call to action buttons, the interaction is immediately enhanced:

Chat Conversation with CTA Buttons

By simply adding an image, it even further improves the conversation:

Chat conversation with photos

Isn’t it cool? Plus the users can easily connect because it is simple, it’s personalized, it’s instant and you can access these right on your mobile phones.

Adding a Facebook Messenger bot is an awesome feature that makes your brand more interactive while building connections and increasing conversion. Neil Patel said it can boost your conversion by up to 45%.

With Facebook bot, you can hire someone or an agency to make a chatbot for you, but it is still lesser than hiring additional customer service staff. It means the Facebook bots can reduce human costs and cut down on overall operational expenses.

Your staff can focus on building your brand on social media while you work on the things you’re good at to make your business more profitable.

If you have a business that sells products and services and demands customer support, you should definitely try Facebook bots and experience how it works wonder to your business.

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