How SEO is Important to Being Found?

Let’s talk about how SEO is important to being found.

It is the reason why every business owner invests in SEM (search engine marketing), by hiring SEO experts or an SEO agency.

The reason why every online marketer thrives to survive.

It could be their worst nightmare too.

The answer is traffic – search engine traffic!

What does Search Engine Traffic mean? Search engine traffic refers to the visitors who arrive at a website by clicking search results leading to that particular website. It is the process of being found online by optimizing the right keywords on search engines.

Everyone wants organic traffic to their website. Every business owner or marketer wants their website or web page to be found on top search results in search engines. Increased traffic is linked to increased revenue – the more people who find your webpage, the greater the chances that you can convert them into paying customers.

Why is generating more traffic so important?

How is SEO important to being found?

According to marketers, Search Engine traffic is the most targeted, precious traffic you could ever have. It is because people who search on Google, or other top search engines, are the ones ready to buy after they see an explainer video or Facebook ad.

SEO is design to bring the right visitors to your website. For example, you are a wedding photographer in Montreal Canada, and you are optimizing your website for the following keywords:

montreal wedding photographer 

montreal wedding photographer reviews

montreal wedding photographer and videographer

best montreal wedding photographer

best montreal wedding photographers

photographer montreal

montreal engagement photographer

affordable wedding photographer montreal

People who will visit your website are the ones who are getting married soon and are looking for a photographer for their wedding. In short, they are interested on the product or service that you are offering and they’re willing to spend their money with you.

The SEO targeted traffic saves you from spending time on the wrong prospect as well. People who are looking for organic dog food will never come to your website. You will only be visible to people that will need your product or service.

Now, is SEO important to being found? Ranking on the first page of Google matters. As you need more traffic in order your business to survive!

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