Now that you understand the definition of a sales funnel, how the sales funnel system works and why you need one, you are eager to know how to create one to improve your conversion rate.

Here is the best practice on how to create a sales funnel effectively:

1. Read Magnet

This is the critical step of a sale funnel – attract leads.  Use relevant content to drive traffic to your website with how-tos, list posts, and case studies.

2. The Lead Magnet

You need to offer something related to your product or service in exchange for your prospect’s valuable contact information like an email address to increase the number of potential customers on your mailing list.


3. The Intro Offer

First, offer your low-cost product as an introductory, so they have a glimpse of what it would be like, without spending so much money.

4. The Core Offer

Once you establish trust with your customers, it’s time to offer your higher – end products or services.

That’s the gist of how to create your sales funnel.

You can either do in an amateur way, which you will spend hours learning and making your own sales funnel and hoping it will be perfect.

Or you can do it a professional way, which serious business owners do, which eliminates the guesswork, maximize the potential of using a sales funnel, and of course to enjoy the benefits the sooner.

If you would prefer the professional route then let’s chat