Finally, you launch your Facebook Messenger bot for your Facebook business page!

The problem: no one found it. No one likes it. No one subscribes to it.

Fortunately, we have a solution for you. Get your Messenger Bot on Discover and get more likes and subscribers.

1. Submit Your Messenger Bot to Discover Tab

Messenger users can now access the Discover tab to look for bots at nearby places and from their favorite brands to message in Messenger.

To get your bot added to Discover, complete the submission form in your Page Admin.

You can also navigate to the through Page settings:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your page
  2. Click Messenger Platform in the left column

Then pick categories where you want your bot to appear, add a catchy description on how it will appear in search results with supported languages.  This will enhance your bot description in Discover and improve your bots discoverability.  Facebook gives general best practices to follow as well.

Because your bot submission requires approval before it will be added to the Discover tab, it is best to complete the form and properly describe your bot and categorize it.  Messenger bots include a broad set of categories like news, entertainment, finance and others to help users find an experience matching the category they’re looking for.

There are variety of factors to determine algorithmically for Facebook bots to appear in the Featured Section or in the category of the Discover Tab. Facebook suggests to do the following to increase your chances of your bot to be featured:

  • High responsiveness rate can be seen from within the Messenger thread with a page.
  • Make good use of platform features, including the persistent menu and get started button.
  • Lower blocks and report rates for your bot can be found by going to Page → Insights →

2. Targeting the Right Audience

You may specify a target audience for your Messenger bot by setting the target audience property in your bot’s Messenger profile. The target audience defines whether your bot will appear in the Discover tab for everyone, no one, or a subset of people based on country.

3. Add “Send to Messenger” on your Website

Integrate your Messenger Bot in your website to allow your audience to interact with your business directly from your website with the same personalized, rich-media experience they have in Messenger.

The best thing about it is that the Messenger chat will automatically load the chat history between your customer and your business.  Whether they access the bot on your website or through another method, the recent conversation will be still visible.  And even if they left your webpage, they can still continue sending messages to the Facebook Messenger.

4. Promote Messenger Bots to your Other Social Media Accounts

Aside from Facebook, you can promote your Messenger bots to your social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter to get more likes and increase your visibility.

5. Run Facebook Ads to Send Paid Traffic to your Messenger Bot

Organic reach is now harder to reach on Facebook because of the major algorithm update. You need to run an ad campaign leading to your Messenger bot to gain traffic, get more likes and/or subscribers.

Just connect your Facebook ads to your Messenger bot’s Welcome Message, or in your chat message with an image, call to action button(s), and/or link(s).

6. Use Chat Extensions in your Bot to Engage more Users

The Chat Extension icon appears in the composer drawer in Messenger when the user has previously interacted with your Messenger bot.  It opens when the active user taps the icon allowing them to select content like images, links and more to be shared into the thread.

7. Drive Traffic from Comments on the Facebook Page

With a bot, you can auto comment on your Facebook page posts, send a personal message to those who comment on your post and then convert them into your subscribers.

8. Add a “Send Message” Button on your Facebook Page

See the button at the top of your page. You can change it into different forms of a Call-to-Action Button.  People can see it on your page or in search results when your Facebook Page appears. By adding a “Send Message” button it will enable your page visitors to connect with your Messenger bot in one click.

9. Utilize the Messenger Code for your Bot

Facebook Messenger launches scannable profile codes, just like Snapchat called Messenger code.

The Messenger code is used to start the conversation with people or businesses that aren’t in your Messenger contacts. When you scan the person’s or business’ code using your Android or IOS phone it will open the option to send them a message.


Here’s our Messenger code and you can scan our code when you are reading this article using your mobile phones.  To scan just take a screenshot of it and then from the scan code area use photo and it will pull it in and into the sequence, you have set up.

All Messenger codes are composed of dots and dashes circling around the Facebook profile or Facebook page profile photo.

Here’s how you can see your code or scan someone’s code:

  1. From Home of your Messenger app, tap your profile picture in the top left corner
  2. Tap your picture at the top of the page
  3. Tap My Code to let someone scan your code, or tap Scan Code to scan someone else’s

You can publish your Messenger Code (example: profile picture, business cards) to let people find you easily. You can also give people your Messenger username or link that looks like this:

10. Promote in your Website’s Articles

Each Messenger Bot comes with a personalized links which you can shared anywhere online including in your article or content marketing.

When a person clicked on your personalized link, the user will send directly into your business Messenger where they can send you a message.

11. Broadcast it on your Email List

You can also broadcast your Messenger bot on your email list.

12. Use Videos to Promote Your Messenger Bots

Don’t forget to promote your Messenger bot if you have YouTube accounts or you do social video marketing.

13. Optimize your Facebook Bot Landing Page

Last but not least, is to create a landing page on your website for your Messenger bot.  The landing page is the best place to explain to your audience what your bot is all about and what it does. One good example is the ABC News Facebook bot Landing Page

Which of the tips mentioned above are your favorites? And what steps are you excited to try to get more likes and subscribers to your Facebook Messenger bot?

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