Video is popular nowadays, and video marketing is growing at an extremely fast pace with good reasons.  Videos are effective to convince prospects that you have the products they need to solve their problems or services to improve their businesses.

But before you start throwing money at video marketing in hopes that it will work out for you, better figure out first the advantages and disadvantages of video marketing.

Video Marketing Advantages

  1. Make Thousands of New Followers

Videos, when done properly, can easily convey the message and go viral which you can then connect to a new audience or new followers.

2. Search Engines Love Video

Videos are considered as a gold mine for SEO (search engine optimization). When videos are done right, it can increase search engine rankings and click-through rates. It can decrease bounce rates as audience stay longer to watch videos.

  1. Video Promotes Better Brand Recall

Videos are memorable and visually attractive which makes them a great advantage for marketing purposes.  You can communicate your message and explain complex things clearer for the audience.

  1. Video Create Emotions A video with the right combination of words, pictures, facial expressions and music can stimulate different emotions. Anything from happiness, fear, or compassion (or a combination of those)… these emotions can influence audience to take actions.

According to this website that cited Barry Feig’s book Hot Button Marketing: Push the Emotional Buttons That Get People to Buy, he uncovered 16 emotional opportunities that drive conversion:

  • Desire for control
  • I’m better than you
  • Excitement of discovery
  • Revaluing
  • Family values
  • Desire to belong
  • Fun is its own reward
  • Poverty of time
  • Desire to get the best
  • Self-achievement
  • Sex, love, romance
  • Nurturing response
  • Reinventing oneself
  • Make me smarter
  • Power, dominance and influence
  • Wish-fulfillment

But aside from the so much benefits and advantages of video marketing, there are always disadvantages. And it is good to be aware of these to take necessarily actions for your business.

Video Marketing Disadvantages

1.Videos are Expensive. You need to have good equipment to start with high-end video cameras or smartphones. You also need software for editing, you need stock photos and videos and other things you need that are often forgotten.

Solution: When it comes to video, you get what you pay for. If you want to try DIY your business videos, there are ample of resources that can help you online. You can also buy stock photos and videos as well as music rights.

  1. The Production of the Video is a Laborious process and time-consuming. It can take a long time from writing the script, shooting, and editing.

Solution: You could hire a digital marketing agency to make marketing videos for you and pass all the hard work to them.

  1. Letting the video load – Nowadays, people are impatient and don’t take the time to sit down and wait. After two seconds of delays, they begin to abandon videos. When you invest hours and thousands of dollars in creating awesome explainer videos, you won’t take the video load speed for granted.

Solution: There are many ways to optimize your videos to load faster and more people now can access high–speed internet which they can play and download videos quickly than before. The challenge now is to make the video more interesting to convince the audience to watch until the end. Or you can leave this challenge to video marketing professionals.

  1. Each Social Media Requires Different Video Formats. It is challenging to show videos in the different browser as it needs to be in different video formats.

Solution: Keep up-to-date with different social media specs and sizes. Sprout Social lists all the guidelines in one for top social media specs like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.