It is no longer a secret that video is overtaking and crushing social media. Different brands, both big and small businesses alike, and even your competitors, are using video content to not just connect with their audience on social media, they are also using it to establish a strong relationship with the people.

Why should you combine video marketing and social media campaigns?

Why does it even matter to your business or brand?



Best for: Short, informative or fun videos that work without sound

Video Length Limit: No limit, but try not to post anything over 2 minutes

Pro Tip: Upload natively, don’t link to YouTube, to get the best reach


Best for: Visually stunning micro videos: teasers, behind-the-scenes, looping videos

Video Length Limit: 15 seconds

Pro tip: A video is nothing without the right hashtags to encourage discovery



Best for: Teasers to a full-length content or to website

Video Length Limit: 30 seconds

Pro tip: Use a video reply to answer questions or comments from your fans


Best for: Short, informative “How To” content, testimonials, case studies

Video Length Limit: None

Pro tip: Write short LinkedIn blog posts to go with your new videos


Best for: Longer, educational content, FAQs, product demos, weekly series

Video Length Limit: None

Pro tip: Organize videos on your channel into clearly defined playlists


Best for: Fun, outrageous, timely (vertical) content: behind the scenes, unique events, day in the life, etc.

Video Length Limit: 10 seconds (Stories are 10-second videos strung together which disappear after 24 hours)

Pro tip: Heavily market your username on other social media channels so fans can find you

Social media has different platforms but you don’t have to be on all popular social networks for your video marketing.

Pick one or two to focus on. And choosing the best one(s) for your business lies in understanding your audience’s preference. That’s why it is important to know your audience well – which social media platforms they usually hang out.

It is also important to fully understand how to optimize video content on different social media platforms and how to use video content to engage your followers. You must understand which information your audience is seeking and how they will respond, in order to yield more engagement and click through rates.

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