As a marketer or an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of effective strategies for sustaining and growing your business. This is the area of your business where you invest so much money and time to bring more customers.

However, with different strategies introduce online, it easier to get intimidated in trying new opportunities to market you are not familiar with.  One of these is video marketing for business.

Is your business using video to attract more customers?

Are you on YouTube?

And YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine online, you are leaving money on the table if you ignore this marketing tool.

Videos are very important strategies to help your business grow. Here are the top reasons to help you get started.

1. Build Your Brand’s Personality

Video can be a great tool to build your brand besides using images and logos. With videos, you can show off your brand more from behind the scenes of your company, or short videos where you can introduce the founders, mission or goals of the company.

Did you notice your Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts packed with live streams and video ads from companies you are interested in?

Videos are the most important strategy for social media campaigns no matter what you are selling, no matter what the company does to reach your audience on a large scale. Social media videos need to be optimized for different channels as each social network has a unique audience.

2. Show Off Your Product or Service in Action

Videos explaining the usefulness and basic function of your product or service is called an explainer video.

Viewers can have a better understanding of your product or service in a short period of time unlike reading articles.

With the help of explainer videos, you can connect well with your potential customers as they can trust your brand.

This strategy can take your business to the next level without taking a huge amount of your marketing budget.

3. Use Video on Landing Pages

Another great strategy to get your message out there in alignment with your website promotion is to use the video on landing pages.

Adding video has the potential of better engagement with your visitors and increase total conversions by as much as 86% based on statistics.

4. Reach Mobile Customers

People love using their smartphones to watch videos.

On the recent study of  Statistica“the number of mobile users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019”.

If you want to cast a wide net to get more customers and more revenues for your business, then there’s no reason to postpone optimizing video marketing to reach your mobile customers.

Video marketing gives a new opportunity to market product or service. It can help boost your brand, reach more customers and increase conversions. Most of all, video marketing strategies are crucial for your business growth.