So many businesses are wanting to generate leads online. Which is awesome. Yet to make it more effective it is best to put sales funnels in place. This will help to gather only high qualified leads.

But what is sales funnel?

In online marketing, it is a technical term used to describe the journey or tracking of a consumer in your website until they take action to purchase from you.

A sales funnel is also referred to as a purchase funnel, marketing funnel or revenue funnel.

This image below from Shutterstock helps explain the concept of a sales funnel and how you can use it in your own business.

Although it might vary by company or brand in general, a sales funnel is in V-shaped diagram following the best know marketing model – AIDA.

A- Awareness.

A starting stage with more lead prospects, in which they are aware of a problem, started looking for a solution, and become aware of your business through content marketing, social marketing, email campaign, search results and other campaigns.

I – Interest

In the interest stage, your prospects start to decrease but the chance of a sales conversion increases. They begin to engage with your company by asking questions or ask for more information.

D – Decision

A stage in which the prospects start deciding based on the answers given to them or information they gathered.

A – Action

The final stage where the prospect takes the action – to purchase your product or service.

All potential customers start from the top of the funnel, from being a stranger to being aware of your product or service, then you’ll convert them into potential customers that engage and buy from you.

Remember, a good sales funnel will help your business to bring more leads to your website and convert them into sales while limiting the loss of any potential customers.

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