What is backlinking strategy? It is a master plan action to get more backlinks for your website.

And why you need it?

Because backlinks are a vital component of search engine optimization (SEO) and have a huge impact on your site rankings in search engine results page (SERP).

With high site rankings, the more organic traffic your website can get, the more chances you can convert them into customers. For newly created websites, backlinks can help them for faster indexing.

Who doesn’t want more organic search traffic? We sure do!

That’s why it is important to have a backlinking strategy for your website, so you can build and earn backlinks.

So, which backlinking strategy works?

There’s isn’t one strategy that fits all. There are strategies that will work for you but will not work for others.

Not to mention, building backlinks has changed so much over the last few years.  For example, when Google released the updates of the Panda and Penguin, it had a huge impact on backlinks and SEO strategy all together.

Sad to say, not all backlinks are made equal. There are backlinks that help your website grow your rankings and there are bad backlinks that get your website penalized or blacklisted in Google.  That’s why your focus should be on acquiring backlinks that are safe.

All SEO experts agree that the best backlinking strategy right now is to earn natural and high-quality backlinks. And earning links should adhere major search engines requirements.

Make sure that your backlinks are coming from the following sources:

☑ Trusted

☑ Relevant

☑ Different

☑ Naturally acquired

☑ No paid links

Follow this guideline will help you easily attract and earn authority links.  The sooner your website earns authority links, the sooner you’ll experience major improvements on search engines.


If you are serious about improving your business’ rankings on SERPs and eager to get more traffic, you can’t afford to ignore this simple yet serious link building strategy to get more high-quality links to your site.

A successful backlinking strategy will improve your website’s ranking as well as will bring a new audience to your website.  If you consider important link building requirements mentioned above in order to bring more visitors to your website, then you’re doing the right way.

What’s backlinking strategy you like to use? Leave us a comment, I’d love to know.

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