Backlinks are one of the main factors to improve search results rankings according to the experts. And based on the data gathered by Cyrus Shepard of Moz, there’s a slim chance to rank in Google without links.

So you mean backlink is all I need to dominate page one search results? Yes!  But I am referring to safe and high-quality backlinks only.

As online marketers and business owners, you should be aware and critical as how to implement link building as part of your brand or company’s digital marketing strategies.  So before you jump on the bandwagon of link building, better know how to determine which links are helping you and which ones are hurting your rankings and spend your valuable time and money in getting safe and high-quality links only.

It is because when Google finds a new link cast for your website, it will do one of the three things according to Moz:

  1. Count it in its ranking algorithm
  2. Ignore it– or not give it any weight in boosting your rankings
  3. Penalize you– if it thinks the link is manipulative

Of course with all the hard work and money you spend on link building, all you want is Google will count your backlinks.  How to ensure it is safe for SEO and for Google to count a backlink?

  1. When a backlink came from authority or popular websites
  2. When a backlink came from similar or related websites.
  3. When a backlink is natural

Backlinko analyzed 1 million Google search results and here are their findings in connection with backlinks and SEO.

  • Backlinks remain an extremely important Google ranking factor. This finding also emphasized that it is better to get 10 links from 10 different sites than 10 links from the same domain. Google wants several sites linking to your website.
  • The site’s overall link authority strongly correlates with higher rankings.

Don’t worry each high-quality backlink you get comes with corresponding benefits.

  1. Faster Indexing Safe and High-quality backlinks are helpful for new websites to obtain faster indexing. Through backlinks you gain from answering Q& websites, guest posting, blog commenting the search engine spiders discover your site faster and crawl effectively.
  2. Improving Organic Ranking Backlinks play a big role in search ranking positions. In a business world where everyone is online, getting high-quality backlinks is one of the ways to improve organic rankings, compete and dominate the SERP for certain keywords.
  3. Traffic When you build high-quality backlinks and you dominate the SERP for targeted keywords you highly optimized and the results into more traffic. Not only that, the links you build in certain trusted sources will also good as referral traffic to your website.
  4. Conversions Building quality backlinks is a good lead generation tactic. The more targeted traffic you get from built and earned links, the more chances of converting visitors into customers or clients.
  5. Trust & Authority Building quality backlinks over time will not only improve your SEO, it will build your page authority. Google and other search engine trust your page so as other marketers will link your site as the source of information.
  6. Branding Do you know why other brands are so happy being featured on popular sites like Forbes, Inc, or Success? Editorials links from these popular authority sites are more on Branding.  The highest level of backlinks you can get. You are not only telling search engines to improve your search rankings, but your site has built its own brand so well.


Search engines like Google use search spiders to crawl each website to determine how high its pages and contents rank through backlinks. Search engines often use the quantity, the quality, and relevance of backlinks as one of the most important factors for determining the website rankings, popularity, and importance.  Essentially, your backlinks affect your Google rankings.

These days, the brand’s visibility on the Internet requires a lot of strategies like SEO and backlinks. If you want to succeed in digital marketing, link building is one of the most important skills in SEO you must master. If you want to boost your search engine rankings, high-quality backlinks is a must digital marketing assets.

Don’t forget to download our infographic on safe and high-quality backlinks to improve SEO and share it with your friends or anyone you know can benefit it.

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